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Registration Terms & Conditions

  • All fees are in Canadian dollars and include applicable taxes.
  • Author, Regular, Student and Life Member registrations include tickets for three lunches, the Banquet, as well as an e-copy of the proceedings.
  • All papers must be backed by at least one registration at either the IEEE member or non-member Author rates and all such registrations must be received and paid by March 18, 2018.
  • The following rules apply when an author has more than one accepted paper: one Author registration is required for the 1st paper and the author must pay the additional fees identified below to upload the 2nd and 3rd paper. Above 3 papers by the same author, one additional Author registration must be paid. Note that only one copy of the proceedings and meal tickets will be provided, irrelevant of the number of registrations for a given individual.
  • The number of pages for each paper is four (4), but two (2) additional pages can be added (bringing the maximum length to six (6) pages, provided the excess-page fee indicated below is paid for each extra page.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: Registrations may be cancelled up to and including March 18, 2016. No refunds will be issued thereafter. Each cancellation is subject to a $50 non-refundable administration fee. This Cancellation Policy applies only to non-author delegates. There will be no cancellation refunds for authors who have registered their paper for publication in the conference.

Author Registration Fees

StatusAdvance Rate*Late/On-site Rate **
Author - IEEE MemberCAD 750N/A
Author - IEEE Non-MemberCAD 850N/A
Extra Cost for 5th Paper PageCAD 100N/A
Extra Cost for 6th Paper PageCAD 200N/A
2nd & 3rd PaperCAD 250 per paperN/A

General Registration Fees

StatusAdvance Rate*Late/On-site Rate **
Regular - IEEE MemberCAD 750CAD 850
Regular - IEEE Non-MemberCAD 850CAD 950
Student - IEEE MemberCAD 400CAD 450
Student - IEEE non-memberCAD 450CAD 500
IEEE Life MemberCAD 400CAD 450

Tutorial Fees

CategoryAdvance Rate*Late/On-site Rate**
Regular - IEEE MemberCAD 75CAD 100
Regular - IEEE Non-MemberCAD 100CAD 125
Student - IEEE MemberCAD 50CAD 75
Student - IEEE Non-MemberCAD 75CAD 100
IEEE Life MemberCAD 50CAD 75
2nd Tutorial - All CategoriesCAD 25CAD 25
General PublicCAD 125CAD 150
Conference VolunteersFreeFree

Social Functions

EventAdvance Rate*Late/On-site Rate**
Partner's ProgramCAD 400CAD 450
Extra Banquet ticketCAD 110CAD 120
Extra Lunch TicketCAD 45CAD 50

*: Advance Rates applies to registrations and payments received before March 19, 2018 UTC-05:00.

**: Late/On-site rates apply to registrations and payments received after March 18, 2018 UTC-05:00.

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