Technical Program

The Technical Program consists of three (3) days of plenary, oral and posters sessions, and one (1) day of short courses (tutorials). Additional technical and informational events will added as they are confirmed.

The oral and poster presentations are all grouped into the following tracks.

Technical Tracks

Reference Track Name Description
CDS Circuits, Devices & Systems Microelectronic integrated circuits technology is evolving with an unprecedented pace to produce denser and better chips for data processing and power management applications. New IC technology for very low-power applications is being rapidly developed.
CRB Control & Robotics Control theory and robotics find application in almost every industry where production automation and efficiency are required. Productivity can be increased by better data communication between working steps from initial design to final manufacturing.
COM Communications & Networking Communication is at the heart of human activities. Advances in communications have been enormous over the past few years, generating more mobility and greater throughput. Network virtualization and a significant increase in the total capacity of wireless systems are the next steps.
BIO Bioengineering & Biomedical Applications Bioengineering and biomedical applications are a growing area of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The impact on the health of the population and the potential to find more effective solutions make this field a must in Electrical and Computer Engineering departments.
CSE Computer & Software Engineering Computer and Software Engineering are among the most advanced research subjects of this century. Developing parallel algorithms and super-performing computer systems for data-intensive applications have always occupied a prominent place in this fascinating domain.
PWR Power Electronics & Energy Systems Power electronics plays a major role in the effective and optimal control of energy systems. Study of new power converter configurations and development of smart grids are certainly the most important subjects in this ever growing domain.
SPR Signal Theory & Signal Processing Signal processing finds applications in many industries. Signal modelling, analysis and processing are part of several fields of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
VIS Machine & Computer Vision The numerous industrial applications of machine and computer vision make this discipline one of the pillars of the so-called smart factory. Machine and computer vision is also found in many biomedical devices.
OPT Photonics & Optoelectronics Photonics and optoelectronics cover several fields, such as telecommunications, medical technology, automated systems, aerospace, automotive and defense. The applications of photonics and optoelectronics are very diverse, but they are also enabling technologies in a multitude of systems.
GRN Sustainable Energy Generation, transmission and effective distribution of renewable energies are expanding research subjects in sustainable energy domain including present energy sources to exploit, and future energies to develop.
NDT Non-Destructive Testing Manufacturing and construction industries rely on non-destructive testing to ensure the quality of their products or for preventive maintenance. Non-destructive testing methods use techniques that require knowledge in Electrical and Computer Engineering.